Chitra nakshatra mythology

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Chitra nakshatra mythology

Horoscope Predictions based on Nakshatra reveal opportunities and challenges in the year Learn how favourable will the stars be on your zodiac sign and what remedies to perform for success in life.

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Hindu mythology suggests all Nakshatras to be praising daughters of King Daksha and married with Lord Chandra or Moon. Therefore, Moon remains posited in each nakshatra for at least one day and moves further. When will your luck shine? Raj Yoga Report reveals it all! Your Janma or Birth Nakshatra defines your personality and mind, and consists of the planet Moon posited at the time of birth.

Nakshatras are analysed to decode the beginning point or time of any planetary dasha or cycle, choose an auspicious muhurat, for Kundli matchmaking for marriage purposes and much more. Read the life predictions for based on the ruling Nakshatra in your kundli, and find out how favourable will be for you.

Click here to find your Birth Nakshatra: Nakshatra Finder. Stay attentive between 18th January to 27th Marchas there are high chances of accidents.

Nakshatra – Chitra

Read More. Try to remain cautious in your career between 17th Feb — 7th Mayas there is a chance of either job loss or client loss…. Someone from the family will become ill, due to which you will remain tensed and mentally unstable. Your health may deteriorate too.

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You will have a sudden change in your KRA in the workplace due to which your schedule will become very tight. Unmarried natives will find their soulmate with the help of their sister cousin or real. Read Now: Horoscope Predictions.

Be sure to do every transaction on your own. Intimacy and understanding will start growing between you two from 17th January onwards. You will see a great change in the behaviour…. Long term investments like retirement plans will be good for you.

You can get high profit from property sale. Newly opened business will give you desired profit between the first week of March to the end week of May.Tiger Approaching a Waterhole, Kotah, c. Designers and those who improve existing designs. For emotional relationships, nakshatra of Chandra is more influential in determining compatibility and ease of interaction.

He is a pioneer, an inventor, and a sexually driven competitor who rages in vital warfare, runs faster, drills deeper, and pursues His quarry without restraint. Mangala-ruled folk join in a band of brothers. Together they surge with confidence, vitality, and force. Brihaspati's ever-expanding realm of inclusive doctrinal understanding is well supported by Mangala's unstoppable weapons of penetrating power.

The priests join the conquistadors, generating new worlds. Penetrating, pursuing, promoting Mangala is all about propulsive masculine yang energy. The Zukra partner adjusts and the Mangala partner propels. Together they can move forward as a team, so long as the roles are clear.

In particular, Kuja and Ketu share rulership of the Vrischika rashi, Positive relationships can support occult transformation, ascetic tantra, disaster response, or invasive healing. For other pursuits, discernment is required. Yet from Kuja's perspective, Professor Shani is a harmless old guy who poses no threat to Mangala's forward challenge.

Shani partners need systematic order while Mangala partners often feel trapped by too many rules. Active, competitive Mangala becomes profoundly annoyed by do-nothing, talking-head Budha.

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A Mangala-ruled nakshatra will generally use force to try to dominate a Budha-ruled nakshatra. Yet Budha just keeps on talking. Twashtar is a form of the Creator, usually called Praja-pati. Chitra therefore has great creative powers, giving splendor, multiplicity and abundance.

Chitra Nakshatra – Characteristics and Remedies

Chitra translates as the "beautiful one" or "pretty pictures", which reflects its ability to arrange things nicely and in an artistic fashion. The deity is Tvashtar, the divine celestial architect. Chitra natives are often successful artisan types. The shakti is the ability to accumulate merit in this life". Chitra has a rakshasa temperament with a primary motivation of kama, or desire.Login Sign Up.

Zodiac Signs. What is Astrology? It is also one of the oldest references we have in astrology from the Vedas, specially the Rig Veda, which is about years old. The Vedas are scriptures of the great seers and sages of India who lived in the ancient times and are considered to be strong pillars of our tradition.

Our entire history, values and principles are derived from the Vedas. In Hinduism we believe that a person's destiny has strong relations with the cosmic stars, planets and constellations. Each has its own specific characteristics and gives a lot idea about the traits and personality of a person they belong to.

chitra nakshatra mythology

The Nakshatras are also similar to the zodiac, but they are more specific and detailed. Their meanings are derived from the constellations, position of the stars and planets and the mythology behind them. The Nakshatras are rich in meaning and each one of them have their own ruling deities which reveal the stories or myths that bring to life the symbology referred in our lives.

According to Indian Vedic Astrology the zodiac is of degrees. They are divisions of 13 degrees 20 minutes, which starts from zero at Aries and ends at 30 degrees of Pisces, They are also known as lunar mansions as the moon moves approx Each nakshatra resides in a personal planet, which reveals important and deep information about the individual in relation to the meanings of the houses area of life and which planet is ruled by which house.

An example of this is that the planet that rules the 7th house indicating a person's spouse gives detailed information about the spouse. According to classical Hindu Mythology, the creation of Nakshatras is attributed to Daksha who are personified as daughters of the deity and also as the mythological wives of Chandra or the moon god.

They are also alternatively referred to as the daughters of Kashyapa who is the brother of Daksha.

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Significance The Nakshatras are a significant part of Hindu astrology and has a significant bearing on the life of any individual.

From truth and power to justice and discipline, from as the remover of impurities to giver of sensual excess, from eroticism to love, life and beauty, as a source of energy and intelligence to redeemer of sin, from the nurturer of heart to the ability to deal with adversities and from the source of all material affluence to the power to rule and control others, the Nakshatras have it all.

The nakshatras are also related to artistic beauty and independence and freedom. It helps to give one a sense of purpose and a feeling of fulfillment on achievement of anything important in life. It is related to friendship, love, care, affection as well as hatred, pain and suffering. It also covers protection of your dependents and the loved ones, kindness, compassion but at the same time is also related to danger, courage, forbearance and victory.Enter something special:.

Each Nakshatra has its particular power or Shakti. These are also the powers of the Devatas or the deities that rule them. The symbols used are those of common factors such as plants, healing, worship, marriage and death. This is a teaching that derives from an ancient Vedic text called Taittiriya Brahmana I. The first paragraph below relates to the textual reference.

The others consists of my own comments based upon it. Note that this is a special teaching that I first uncovered and translated around twenty years ago, though many Vedic astrologers have since come to use and refer to it.

It mainly refers to positions of the Moon but can be extended to the ascendant and other planets. Ashwini is governed by the Ashwins, the twin horsemen. It has the power to quickly reach things shidhra vyapani shakti.

Its basis above is the creatures to be healed. Its basis below is the healing therapies. From these three, the entire world becomes free of disease. Ashwini Nakshatra brings about quick aid and energization. The Ashwins are forces of Prana or the life-force, which is quick in its action to stimulate, help, and initiate a new level of activity.

Ashwini Nakshatra involves these powers of speed, prana, electrical energy and Shakti. It gives transformation through balance. Ashwini gives good powers of hearing, learning and attention. It is an important Nakshatra for doctors, psychologists and innovative leaders, affording good insight and original ideas. Bharani is ruled by Yama, the God of Death. It has the power to take things away apabharani shakti.In ancient times, Nakshatras are considered as a means of worshipping the divine.

These 27 constellations are based on the movement of the Moon, which travels approximately Hence, the birth star of an individual is calculated based on the position of the Moon in any of these stars.

chitra nakshatra mythology

The 27 Nakshatras are spread across the 12 zodiac signs in three cusps at Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius. Some Nakshatras lie entirely within a sign, whereas certain stars overlap in two zodiac signs. Each Nakshatra has its own ruling deity and powers, which play a major role in deciding the characteristics of an individual.

Everyone born on this earth has their birth star, which depends on the placement of Moon in one of the 27 stars. Based on the birth time of an individual and the position of Moon at that moment, the birth star of an individual is determined.

Based on the qualities of each Nakshatra, the 27 birth stars are classified into the following 7 groups:. Your birth star is the blueprint of your nature and traits.

Read on to know the characteristics, strengths and weaknesses and a lot more about yourself based on your birth star. Home Nakshatra. Nakshatras and Moon in Mythology The 27 Nakshatras are spread across the 12 zodiac signs in three cusps at Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius.

Classification of Nakshatras Based on the qualities of each Nakshatra, the 27 birth stars are classified into the following 7 groups:. Ashwini Pushya Hasta. Ketu Saturn Moon. Mrigashira Chitra Anuradha Revati. Mars Mars Saturn Mercury. Learn music,conducting dance, and arts and marriages. They are also ideal for the enjoyment of pleasures, making new friends, and wearing new clothes. Moon Sun Sun Saturn. Punarvasu Swati Shravana Dhanishta Shatabisha.

Jupiter Rahu Moon Mars Rahu. Buy automobiles, vehicles, beginning a journey or procession, travel, change of residence or job, and other major changes. Ardra Ashlesha Jestha Moola. Rahu Mercury Mercury Ketu. Venus Ketu Venus Venus Jupiter. Performing destructive deeds such as demolishing, poisoning, setting fire, and confronting enemies.

Krittika Vishakha. Sun Jupiter.This star has so many specialties that make it unique. It is the brightest star in Virgo constellation. Spica is actually a group of two stars even though it looks like one star. This Nakshatra lies on the left side of Virgo and every year on October 16 Sun is believed to be in conjunction with this Nakshatra. Their mutual gravity distorts each star into an egg shape, with the pointed ends facing each other as they whirl around, completing a single orbit in only four days.

This Nakshatra is ruled by Mars and people of four padas will see the influence of Martian energy in them. In epics, it is being told that he had cut the sun into 2 pieces.

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So in these people, you can see the traits of creation as Viswakrma is known as another form of Brahma the god of creation. The symbol of the Virgo itself is the Virgin carries Wheat and Barley, which means richness and prosperity. This represents the harvest and it implies we will reap what we sow.

chitra nakshatra mythology

People belong to this pada are those who looking for perfectionism in whatever they do. Very energetic people who are always ready to go the extra mile. These people are good in intellectual projects as it is ruled by the planet Mercury. They too are perfectionists like the people of 1 pada.

Due to the Venusian influence, these people are very mild and very good conversationalists.

chitra nakshatra mythology

They are interested in going out and enjoying themselves with friends. They are more like mysterious people because of the Venusian and Martian forces. They like to travel, and exploring new things. Artisans and craftsmen; architects; designers; sculptors; fashion designers; cosmetic industry; models; fashion industry; photographers; graphic artists; surgeons; plastic surgeons; comperes; broadcasters; orators; professions demanding versatility and special skills; interior designers; jewelry makers; business experts; Fengshui or Vastu experts; invention and creation of machinery; builders; painters; landscapers; screenplay writers; art directors; novelists; set and production designers; theater artists; performers; stage managers; musicians with originality; jazz musicians; advertising industry; herbalists.

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CHITRA nakshatra ----- 14 ---- Abhigya

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.A nakshatra is one of 28 sometimes also 27 sectors along the ecliptic. Their names are related to a prominent star or asterisms in or near the respective sectors. The first astronomical text that lists them is the Vedanga Jyotisha. In classical Hindu scriptures MahabharataHarivamsathe creation of the nakshatras is attributed to Daksha. They are personified as daughters of Daksha and as wives of Chandra known as the Moon God who reluctantly married the 26 other nakshatra's on Daksha's request even though he was only interested to marry Rohinior alternatively the daughters of Kashyapathe brother of Daksha.

In the Atharvaveda Shaunakiya recension, hymn This day time cycle has been taken to mean a particular group of stars. The relationship to the stars really has to do with the periodicity with which the Moon travels over time and through space past the field of the specific stars called nakshatras. Hence, the stars are more like numbers on a clock through which the hands of time pass the moon. This concept was deciphered by Dr. Jessie Mercay in her research on Surya Siddhanta. In the process, the Nakshatra Abhijit was left out without a portion.

This is sometimes described as an inaccurate estimate of our modern sidereal period of These were grouped into four equal quarters which would have been fundamentally disrupted if it had been decided to reduce the number of divisions to The following list of nakshatras gives the corresponding regions of sky, per Basham From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For the star, see Epsilon Hydrae.

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